PHOTOGRAPHS While researching PHOTO OP, I found myself more and more interested in photography. I purchased a Nikon F2, my heroine's first camera from eBay. I later purchased a second lens, a zoom lens and have been trying to take film pictures with the camera. I love it, I don't do that great of a job yet but I'm learning.

However, being a person who likes to learn and learn quickly, I purchased a Nikon D-50. In other words, a SLR digital camera. I love it. I've taken it on a recent research trip. A couple of pictures I took with an artistic eye rather than just the researcher needs for writing a novel. One is of the Savannah River at the bend where the original Ebenezer settlement was located. If you're interested you can take a look by clicking on the link below. Savannah River at Ebenezer.

The next picture is one I printed and had framed as a Christmas gift to my oldest son. It was taken in Orlando at the Holyland Experience. Jonathan's Christmas gift.

This next picture is of the moon. My two oldest grandsons and I went out late one evening in search of meteorites. We didn't see any but I had fun practicing taking night pictures. Moon Shot

The picture below was recently taken in my back yard. The Azaleas are in bloom. White Azaleas


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