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Billionaires and Debutantes
This is a Multi-Author Series

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Andrew Blake is captivated by an Event Coordinator he meets while making a donation for her charity. Courtney Monroe fights her mother's efforts to hook her up with her new friend's son, a nerd. She doesn't have the heart to tell her mother about the nerd she has met at the charity event. Courtney's family belongs to traditional upper society. Andrew represents new money. Courtney does everything possible not to give her family a black eye. Her brother had caused enough scandal for the family.


When Courtney has been accepted for the Debutante Ball, she and Andrew are just beginning their relationship. However, he is new money, she is old money, and the committee rejects Andrew as an escort. Can they respect the traditions and work past the prejudices to build a relationship?

A Heart of Forgiveness.jpg

Robert Monroe lived most of his late teen and adult life in rebellion, drinking, drugs, and carousing. After losing his inheritance, his downward spiral worsened. He no longer had friends, or family--until his sister's fiancé came into his life and offered him help and rehabilitation. Now, working for Andrew and his tech firm, Robert has begun to put his life in order and with God's grace, his relationship with his family has improved.
Then a blast from his past shows up.
Mia Delgado appears to need help with her son...Robert's son. She's in hiding from her parents who would have her give up her child in order to maintain their social standing.
Upon seeing Mateo, Robert knows instantly the boy is his son, having the same unique eye coloring he and his sister have, a family trait.
Mia is ready to flee again once she learns of Robert's Christian faith.
Can love overcome Mia's fears? Is it possible for the two of them to fall in love with such a sordid past? Will his family accept his son? Can Robert retain his sobriety upon learning of his son and the demands it will put on his life?

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