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Chestnut Falls Series

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Heather Simmons has returned to her faith after letting it slide while living with her boyfriend, Thom Barrett for the past five years. She finds herself pregnant after slipping up one night and falling into the comfort of Thom's arms. She decides to move out of their condo, which they purchased together, and move in with her grandparents Rose & Burt Healey, in Chestnut Falls, NH.


Thom, a professor of world religions believes there is no God just something ignorant man put together to justify life choices. Heather's new found faith bothers him, she questions him as to why any other religion would be acceptable but not Christianity.


Can they bridge the gap between them? Will Thom deal with his atheist believes and encounter the truth of God? Will he discover why he is so anti Christian? Can they possibly work out their relationship? Will Heather accept the Grace being shown to her and be able to show the same Grace to Thom, the man she still loves, despite how he feels about Christianity? If faith can move mountains, will God remove this obstacle for them? Open the pages and see how this kind of Grace can change even the hardest of men.

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