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You Are on the Air
This is a Multi-Author Series

Dial N for Never.jpg

Widowed and frustrated with all the ramifications of her husband’s sins, Ashley goes to the bank, yet again, to change her account because of online thieves charging her bogus fees for her husband’s sinful habits.

Edward Bishop, hired by the bank, has been hired to fix their online banking system to ensure that Ashley’s accounts are free from hackers. Edward (Ned) had a high school crush on the former head cheerleader who married her high school quarterback husband.

Ned, no longer the skinny, geeky kid from high school, awakens desires in Ashley she had put to rest after her husband died a year and a half ago. Physical attraction aside, Ned encourages and challenges Ashley to live in the strength of God’s love and design for her. The comparison between her husband and Ned is overwhelming, yet she promised Never to get into a relationship again. One husband was enough.

Can Ned help Ashley discover who she is in Christ? Can they have a future together? Can he be a friend and nothing more? Dial into N for Never and see.

Dial O for Objection.jpg

Edouard LaRue loved his hometown and the history of his ancestors. For years he'd been purchasing the land of the original French settlers to keep Old Florida protected and to preserve the Manatee who lived in the Springs safe. When a developer comes into town wanting to purchase land to build condos, Edouard jumps into action.
Maddy Cooper is a young, overachieving lawyer partnered with her father. However, many in Port de Lamantin don't see her as a 'real' lawyer.


Upon hearing that a corporation wants to build on the river, Edouard goes to court to observe Maddy work. She's excellent and thorough. He asks her to represent him if the town wants to take his land thru eminent domain. Unfortunately, her father has already met with the condo developers' representative and is considering representing them.
Their mutual attraction increases. They have to temper a budding relationship because they are legal adversaries.

Will they be able to restrain their growing attraction and maintain the correct posture for the court case? What will happen if she wins the case? What will happen if he wins? Can they build a relationship on a divided foundation?

Dial T for Trouble.jpg

Laura Cloutier, a physical therapist born and raised in Port de Lamantin, is unaware of the court proceedings that won against a land developer. Tyler David, a popular adventure vlogger, has decided to make Port de Lamantin his home after a major accident tore his rotator cuff. After a day on the river with a friend, Tyler seeks some relief.


Laura is sympathetic to Mr. David’s injury and swelling of the shoulder until she learns his reasons for coming to town and sends him out of the office with some naproxen and an icepack. Tyler swallows the pill and returns to his car at the courthouse parking lot, turns on his air conditioner, unable to drive a standard with his shoulder hurting; he leans back and closes his eyes.

Laura, a registered nurse, sees the commotion in the courthouse parking lot and pulls over. Seeing that it is Tyler David, unresponsive, she realizes he is having an allergic reaction and orders them to break the window and give him a shot of epinephrine. Tyler recovers and returns to Port de Lamantin three months later. Can these two get past their first encounter? Can they build a relationship of trust? Or is it merely a physical attraction and nothing more? Can the Lord help them get past their fears?

Dial Z for Zeke.jpg

Amy can't believe her attraction to Zeke, the local repairman, who comes to the office to repair the ceiling falling on her while Dr. Flores continues her radio talk show. Widowed for over four years and not having looked at another man since temptation comes in the form of the handsome repairman.

Zeke is captivated by the gorgeous secretary of Dr. Flores. Flustered with himself that she is married, he buries his attraction until he learns she is a widow. He falls in love with her son right away. Jesse's desire to have Zeke be his new daddy compels them to decide quickly whether they are meant for one another and if God is bringing them together.

Amy's heart goes out to Zeke and she marvels at how he respects her deceased husband.

Can she bridge the gap that has kept her from pursuing a relationship? Can they build something new and permanent for their future? Or would it be best to remain friends and walk away from a romantic future

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