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Christmas Quilt Brides
This is a Multi-Author Series


Amelia was born in New York City and removed for adoption at ten to Champlain, N.Y. All was well until her adoptive parents had their child. Now, she works at the family bakery with a meager salary.

Gilbert Lewis was born in New York City but also adopted when he was ten. Unlike Amelia, his adoption was to a loving older man and his wife. He arrives at Champlain, NY, to cover the railroad being completed from New York City to Lake Champlain. However, he took that assignment, having learned that his younger sister might have been sent up to Champlain on one of the orphan trains that normally head west.

Having met the well-dressed man, Gilbert Lewis, in the bakery, she discovers he is looking for his sister, possibly her best friend, Helen Basal, who’d been adopted a year after her to the Basal family. Helen is a seamstress and a quilter. She begins working on a postage stamp quilt for Gil’s Christmas present.

Amelia has a deep fear and concern of wealthy men. Too much had happened and was observed in her years in New York City. This fear keeps her growing attraction to Gil at a distance.

Gil sets his sister Helen and Amelia in an apartment and helps them increase their wages. Unfortunately for Amelia, this increase in her weekly pay has increased her hours.

When Gil returns for his third visit to Champlain, Helen devises a plan for Gil to take them to New York City for Thanksgiving. Gil and Amelia agree and Gil is allowed to treat both women well and spoil them.

Amelia allows Gil to spoil her simply because he spoils her sister, and she is there for Helen.

Amelia’s image of Gil changes. Will those changes allow Amelia to open her heart to Gil? Will his newspaper reporting job keep them apart? Will they overcome their obstacles and cuddle under the quilt of love Helen has made for them?

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