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Mail-Order Papa Series
This is a Multi-Author Series

Feeling less than safe in her small home town, after a saloon was built, Lily Brown places an ad for a Lawman. Dustin Ross, a widower with a five-year-old son, sees the ad and believes this job opportunity is the answer to his prayers.
Lily has signed a five-year contract in accordance with the 1872 rules for a teacher, marriage wasn't an option, even with her parents trying to change her mind.
Dustin can't consider a wife after what happened with his last one. His job did not provide a stable environment for a good marriage.
As men threaten to harm Miss Brown, Sheriff Ross is determined not to see any harm come to her. The question was could they overcome the rules, could she give up the desire of her heart to teach and allow herself to marry? Could she survive the threats real or contrived against her? Would her growing attraction to Sheriff Ross and his son, swayed her from throw away her choice of career?

 Lawman for Lily.jpg

Widow, mother of two, hires James MacFarlane to help run the Inn. Iris is desperate to keep the Inn running after her husband spent all her inheritance to build an Inn in Hickman, Texas, a small rural town without a train depot.

James accepts the job, not knowing the town or circumstances. He needed a job after being fired from his position in a large hotel in Philadelphia. Shocked to discover the owner, a widow with two children, is attractive and around his age.

Remarriage isn’t high on Iris’ horizon. Her children, their future and inheritance are primary. She wants and needs help but resists asking James to explain and review her husband’s ledgers. Upon review, James discovers that Iris’s husband, while foolish in the amount he paid for items, still made sound purchases.

Down in the hotel’s basement, Iris discovers how much her husband planned and her desires for James ignite.

Can their pasts be overcome? Can they build a foundation of love within the walls of the Imperial Inn?

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