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Pumpkin Patch Romances
This is a Multi-Author Series

Tara Cabrera loves working on the family farm that’s been in her family for a hundred & fifty years. Nothing gets her more excited than being a part of the maze at the town Fall Festival each year. Thankful that her family farm can supply the bales of hay needed for the maze.

At his cousin’s urging, Derek Tucker designed and won a Maze for his cousin’s hometown Fall Festival. He and the mayor decide to change the actual location of the maze, much to Tara Cabrera’s displeasure. Unfortunately, she sways the mayor to put it back in the site it’s been in for years. Not happy with the change, Derek grumbles and complains to the attractive woman who delivered the hay. She disconnects the trailer and leaves it for him to unload.

Tara learns from her oldest brother Andrew that Derek is similar to Andrew and isn’t a people person. Feeling the need to apologize, she returns to the town square and helps Derek build his maze.

Derek realizes that no matter how careful he is, he always says the wrong thing to Tara Cabrera. Derek has an intense panic attack when his cousin is a total no-show for helping and working on the maze. Tara finds him hidden in the maze and helps him recover.

The friction between them changes when he goes to her family farm and helps harvest some of the pumpkins. Love finds them in the pumpkin patch. The only question is can they work out the pathway through the ultimate Maze of Love?

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