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Land Run Mail Order Brides
This is a Multi-Author Series

Hatties Longing.jpg

As arable farmland grows scarce, the United States opens up former sections of Indian Territory for Homesteading. Those who want to claim land must make a run for it.

Widowed and with a son to support, Hatti Duffy feels she has no alternative but to answer an advertisement for a wife. Oscar Blue wants, no needs, a wife to successfully homestead in the new Oklahoma territory. Hatti Duffy answers his ad and can arrive in time for the Land Run.

Emotions run high as everyone rushes off to find their homestead. Oscar has mapped out where he would like to settle, and he slowly plods his way past the others and picks a parcel that abuts the newest home of the Cherokee people. Hatti makes peace with her new husband and their Indian neighbors as they help each other over and over again.

Can their marriage survive when Running Bear requests a considerable sacrifice from Oscar? Can the fragile intimacy that has begun between Oscar and Hatti survive three months of separation? Will her heart’s longings be finally satisfied with this new and unorthodox marriage? Will they love forever and always?

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