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The Angelique Woods Series

Model Approach.jpg

Model Approach, Book 1


While on the runway, Angelique Woods, model and CIA agent, stuns her team when she makes eye contact with Edward Posen, the man she’s been sent to investigate for espionage. A wink and a brief conversation at the after party doesn’t prepare her for what happens next.
When Edward slips into her car, bleeding from a gunshot wound, Angelique soon realizes there’s a fine line between innocence and guilt. Will she find the truth in time?

Model Citizen.jpg

Model Citizen, Book 2

Uniquely beautiful, Angelique Woods is a CIA agent and a Model, working on several cases. Her mission, however, is to find the proof needed to arrest Edward Posen, a notorious jewel thief, for treason. After her first confrontation with her mark, where she is forced to save Edward’s life, someone wants to remove her from the equation. Who and why must become Angelique’s primary objective if she wants to survive and solve the case, during this next installment of the Angelique Woods series.

Model Behavior.jpg

Model Behavior, Book 3

Angelique Woods continues her investigation into Edward Posen and the Weathertons Murder. She and her partner Vince along with the boss, Mike Durant believe someone in law enforcement is connected to the Weatherton case. In this book Angelique is on a modeling job in Miami for Gabriel Cano and Cano Imports for their new clothing line being introduced to United States and Canada. But Gabriel seems to want more. Edward is in the background and yet continues to be inserting himself in her life. Will Angelique be able to continue to be above reproach as she finds herself having a deeper connection to Edward?

Model Duties.jpg

Model Duties, Book 4

What’s a gal to do when the man who tried to rape you is released from prison? Not to mention, he’s a drug cartel leader. For Angelique Woods, CIA agent and model, she decides to head to Barcelona, Spain. Once images of her hit the Internet she is again put in danger. Edward Posen, who she is investigating for treason, comes to her aid and rescue. Safe back in the States, she spearheads the investigation into leaks in law enforcement, giving her a higher clearance level. While investigating as Wanda Nash, her disguised persona, she finds people are being killed off. She saves a police detective before the sniper kills him, and runs down a seemingly endless trail of false leads. She flies to Maine for a photo shoot, only to be met in the plane by Edward Posen, who’s now been accused of murder. He pleads with her to stay on his case, certain that only she will find the one true act of treason, and unmask all the false accusations against him. Can she find the truth? Will she be able to untangle the tapestry that has become her complicated life?

Model Focus.jpg

Model Focus, Book 5

Gabriel Cano, Angelique Woods’ would be rapist, has escaped the watchful eye of the CIA and he’s out for revenge. Angelique hears of this while she’s in Europe. Edward Posen comes to Angelique’s rescue, but she asks him to return her back to Paris. She has to fight her growing attraction to the man she is investigating for treason. Will she find the one treasonous act he has admitted to committing? So far, every crime he is accused of has proved false. He gave her some documents that would prove he is who he says he is. Will she find the truth? Will Cano find her before the authorities find him? Angelique works hard to stay focused as she unravels these cases, and as another mystery pops up.

Model Leader.jpg

Model Leader, Book 6

The pieces are finally coming together for Angelique as she and her partner find the man behind the leaks in the CIA. She agrees to be the new face of commercials for the suspect’s local chain of restaurants, in order to plant listening devices in his legitimate work areas. Then she’s sent to Milan for her undercover work and helps a new operative develop his skills. As she models some of the latest fashions in Milan, she has a brief encounter with Edward Posen, the man she’s investigating for treason. She is delighted to finally take a week off from both her jobs and enjoy all that Italy has to offer. But all is not calm and serene, as people from her past, who should be behind bars, manage to capture her. How will she survive, as her hands are bound and she’s about to be thrown overboard? Who will rescue her in the nick of time? Will she give in to her growing emotions for Edward?   

Model Home.jpg

Model Home, Book 7

Angelique’s world is once again turned upside down as her former partner is brought in for questioning and his home is searched. Her days are numbered, as she’s given one week to complete her undercover work. The day after Christmas she must come in for questioning. However, before that happens, the case she’s working on in France leads to a visit with her old mentor in deciphering codes. He helps her find the pattern that’s eluded her but also suggests she buy his home, and gives her a rock-bottom price. Then, back in Paris, she not only finds the evidence of an illegal weapons’ sale. She also finds the evidence on Edward Posen, the man she’s losing her heart to, and his one true act of treason, the case she’s been working on for nearly two years. Will she be able to arrest him now? Or will another twist in this case reveal itself and put her in a compromising position?

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