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Georgia Peaches
This is a Multi-Author Series

The heart of home.jpg

The Heart of Home, Georgia Peaches Book 7

Coralee Sampson loves her hometown of St. Marys, Georgia and wants to stay there when she marries and has children. Zac Tyler however enjoys St. Marys, but his business holdings have him going all over the country and world. Can Coralee follow her heart and make a home with Zac outside of St. Marys?

Heart of Devotion.jpg

The Heart of Devotion, Georgia Peaches Book 14

Destiny’s life is turned upside down when she returns home to the family Peach Orchard to take care of her mother’s responsibilities due to a horrible car accident. Dylan Reynolds’ business was moving forward until his partner ran off with the secretary and left Dylan twice the work. Destiny and Dylan run into deceit and fraudulent charges with their businesses. Their hearts are devoted to their careers; can their hearts be devoted to one another.

The Heart of Love.jpg

The Heart of Love, Georgia Peaches Book 17

Russ came home from the service with a part of him left on the field. Michelle has a past that begins to threaten her and her daughter. The question is can they overcome the threats keeping them from moving on to the future?

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