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Whispers in Wyoming Series

Franny's inheritance.jpg

Whispers in Wyoming, Book 28

After receiving her inheritance, Franny is confused and curious as to why her grandfather would put such restrictions on the inheritance. Not to mention, why an unrelated individual would be given the ranch if she cannot complete the requirements to earn the inheritance.

Saving Jasmine.jpg

Whispers in Wyoming

Furious to be accused of another’s deceit, Jasmine Smith “borrows” his car and drives as far away from St. Louis, Missouri, to be rid of her frustration and start a new life, until she runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere during an early winter snowstorm. She knows enough to stay in the car rather than try to go out on her own and walk for help.


Gil comes across the nearly covered car on an old service road for the Eastman Ranch. As the foreman’s son, he’s all about making sure the cattle are safe from this storm. He had no idea he’d be saving a woman. When she regains consciousness, he doesn’t trust her answers as to who she is and why she was on the ranch.


As the wind and snow howl around them, can they come to a comfortable agreement? Will that lead to trust and possibly love?

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